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Weight Loss is All About the Science Behind It

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Monday is the day, and you’re finally going to do it. You’ve decided to start that diet you talked abouta month ago because something big is coming up. It could be a vacation to the Bahamas, your best friend’s wedding, or even meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. Whatever the reason, you want to look your best and losing weight will help you do that. The problem is, you aren’t sure which one of the many diets and weight loss meal plans you’ve heard about is right for you and your lifestyle.


Understanding Your Body


A diet is a personal thing. There is no one-fits-all solution in the dieting world. No matter which diet you choose, losing weight is about following a routine. Weight loss meal plans help people reach their goals quickly, as do weight loss workout plans, but to lose weight permanently there are a few things you need to understand about dieting. Your body is a finely tuned machine that requires vitamins and minerals to work efficiently. That means when it is low on a necessary food group, your body will send messages that can send you into a feeding frenzy trying to figure out what is missing from your diet. If you want to diet successfully, you need to understand your body first.


Be Prepared Mentally


There are diets that focus on protein, others recommend eating baby food, and still, others suggest eating only certain foods on certain days. While they may work now, there are some basic truths about all these fad diets. Most of them leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied, and once your body becomes aware that an essential nutrient isn’t being provided, it often leads to binge eating. Hunger is an intense survival instinct, and few people can exist on one type of food for more than a few weeks. Your body will do everything in its power to make sure you provide the foods it needs. That is why most diets don’t work, and weight loss meal plans do.


Plan Weeks Ahead


If possible, plan one or two weeks in advance when dieting. Develop weight loss smoothie plans for breakfast and weight loss meal plans for lunch and dinner, and shop for the necessary supplies ten days at a time. Why ten days, you wonder? Shopping for a week can leave you without supplies at the end of the seven days, even if you planned meticulously. When that happens, the natural inclination is to “cheat,” and one cheat meal leads into a cheat day, which ends in a promise to yourself about resuming the diet next Monday. Don’t fall into that trap. Shop two or three additional days, not just for a week.


It’s All About the Insulin


Insulin is a hormone your body uses to store fat. When you lower insulin levels, you lower the body’s ability to pack more pounds away, or even hold on to the extra pounds. That’s why so many weight loss meal plans recommend cutting back on starches and reducing sugars significantly because starches and sugars stimulate insulin secretion and notify the body it has too much of “something” and needs to store it away for later use. If your body is a packrat, that means it stores every ounce of excess food it can. Thus, your extra weight.


Success is In the Planning


As you diet, create weight loss meal plans you can live with for two or three weeks. Include proteins, vegetables, and fats. Develop a plan that includes fruits as desserts and snacks, but remember sugar triggers insulin, so eat fruits sparingly and not four or five times a day. Protein satiates hunger long-term, so include snacks high in protein with a low-carb vegetable. You can succeed if you remember one thing: it’s all about the science.

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